our equipment

We are equipped with all the high quality latest equipments to support our skilled workers to attain the finest quality of work.
All types of Electrical, Electronics & Telecom Testing Equipments
Drilling Machine 095 No
Welding Machine 018 No
Generator 12.5KVA 004 No
Hydraulic Crimping Tool 015 No
Cable Lifting Jacks 020 No
Vacuum Cleaner 008 No
Technician’s Tool Boxes 350 No
12 foot step ladder 060 No
Air compressor 009 No
Amp meter 020 No
Analog Multi Meter 060 No
Angle grinder 016 No
Cable cutters 125 No
Cable Snap-n-Seal 005 No
Cat 5 strippers 015 No
Channel locks (2 pairs) 007 No
Coax crimp tool (RG-59, 62 & 6) 060 No
Coax stripper (RG-59, 62 & 6) 052 No
Conduit benders 045 No
Plant & Equipment
Conduit reamer screwdriver 025 No
Disc sander 005 No
File set 023 No
Grinding machine 012 No
Hammer Drill Heat gun 007 No
Impact wrench 002 No
Jointer 010 No
Labeling machines 004 No
Large wire cutters 012 No
Mega Ohm Meter MJ159 008 No
Needle scaler 014 No
PVC Cutter Greenlee 864 035 No
RJ-45/RJ-11 crimp tool 032 No
Scissors 020 No
Steel cut off saw 007 No
Telephone Ideal 30-696 009 No
Test Phone 015 No
Utility knife 020 No
Wall chaser 010 No
Wire Cutters 085 No
HT Tools
5KV Motorized 005 No
Hydraulic Gland cutter 004 No
Earth Tester 008 No
Multimeter 015 No
Standdrill 010 No
Hammer Drill 014 No
Angle Cutter 006 No
Cable Jack 008 Sets
Cable Rolling Stand Roller Lots
Crimping Machine upto 630 sq.mm.
Wire straper 008 No
Safety Gear
Our workers are equipped with all type of safety measures to provide the utmost safety to their life, so that they work without fear to provide the best quality of their workmanship.
Fire Extinguisher
Hand Gloves
Safety Shoes
Dust Masks
Air filters
Safety Belts